Dash 2

So progress has been slow as not been ‘feeling it’. In order to sort the dash warning lights I’ve had to redo some of the loom as the stock loom didn’t have the ncessary wires to provide all the feeds, so I’ll have to unwrap some of the loom as it needs a permenant power feed.

dash first switch on

Also had some issues with wiring the KTM lighting switch as the original had internal tracks to provide multiple power feeds and connections between circuits. Getting the rear light to work when the headlight was on proved to be tricky, as both the full and dipped beam had their own circuits, so I tapped into both to feed the rear light, problem was when you tap both circuits you basically jojn them together resulting in full and dip beam being on together. Fixed the issue by adding a diode to each circuit tap wire to stop the power flowing to the other circuit.

When testing the neutral light I discovered there wasn’t enough clearance between the huge footrest mount and the gear selector shaft to allow me to fit the gear shifter, so I filed the edge to provide enough clearance.

Finally have all electrical items working, just need to get the engine to a position where I can start it so that I can finialise the rev counter wiring. This required me to finish the oil system and the exhaust.

Oil system looks good, I managed to get an uprated oil cooler from Anthony at Haines. Exhaust is another deal as I discovered the brackets were held on with jubilee clips and it was very rusty. Sand blaster is currently out of use due to me upgrading the dust extraction system, but hopefully should have the last part by next week.