Needed to fabricate a new mount for the Deva speedo and the ignition switch, so I bought another original speedo mount and cut off the part that holds the speedo then made a new mount for the deva and ignition switch.

The original bracket is 2mm stainless steel, so ordered a piece off eBay and eye balled a design then cut and filed it to suit. Once I was happy with the shape I MIG welded it to the cut down original bracket and bent the ignition switch mount and speedo mount to suitable angles in my vice.

After a bit of research I found the Deva connectors and bought some new ones so that I could cut down the wiring to a suitable length, rather than just coil it up and stuff it in behind the headlight. I covered the ignition switch wiring in shrink tube.

Connectors are Sumitomo 6180-2321, 6187-2311 and 6187-3231 plus various japanese bullet connectors and some of those bloody tiny ktm style connectors (they’ll be replaced)

Just need to test fit the headlight and then once happy paint the bracket matt black.