I bought the GSXR brand new and stripped it within a week of purchase to check it was assembled correctly and to coat it in ACF50. Maybe its just me but I think suspension bushes should be properly greased!

The bike has had extensive mods due to two accidents caused by drivers rear ending me. Two shoulder surgeries and some bike rebuild work and its all good again. Sadly I finally realised I couldn’t control the bike properly due to my shoulder injury and sold it.

Mods fall into several categories –

Suspension and handling

  • stage oneĀ  – correctly weighted springs and they were way too stiff from new, I also fitted a needle roller bearing under the rear shock to make adjustment easier.
  • stage two – nitron pro shock with hydraulic adjuster and ktech fork valve kit – AWESOME!
  • ohlins steering damper fitted


  • stage one – arrow titanium silencers and decat pipe
  • stage two – full ti-force titanium system with high silencer
    • exhaust valve removed
  • Viper silencer was only way to get on Castle-Coombe track due to strict noise limits


  • pair system blanked off
  • silicon water hoses
  • NRC engine covers
  • suter slipper clutch


  • stage one – bike intercepter – very good but little ongoing development
  • stage two – power commander V
  • stage three – hacked ecu using ecu editor and custom cable from boost by smith
  • stage four – hacked ecu with wideband lambda using woolich racing log box pro plus bmc filter
    • speed limiter removed
    • pair disabled
    • electronic steering damper disabled


  • stage one – HEL hoses
  • stage two – brembo RCS master cylinder and no suprise when suzuki did a recall on their own master cylinder which was not very inspiring
  • stage three – GSXR1000K9 front and rear calipers plus small rear wavey disc and the mythical HRC master cylinder and racing blue brake fluid

NOTE – do not buy an ‘HRC kit’, as they don’t exist. HRC just raid the parts bin for anything available. Go to Honda dealer and buy the individual parts for not very much money!!

main parts numbers – tube – 43503-NX4-000, stopper – 17370-419-700


  • R&G tail tidy
  • Motopike clipons
  • Lots of crash bobbins – doesn’t touch the ground as experience has shown
    • DO NOT fit swinging arm paddock stand bushes as they DO hit the ground in an accident and break the mounts off the swinging arm resuting in your bike being written off by insurance. Fit R&G chain adjuster ones
  • most graphics removed
  • double bubble screen
  • carbon top yoke protector
  • carbon heel plates – home made from sheet of carbon
  • Tank gripper pads
  • stainless bolts fitted where appropriate