Gas Gas EC250F

Got side tracked with a Gas Gas enduro bike. I set the bike up for trail riding and did various jobs on the bike, like adding indicators using a KTM EXC lighting switch and loom.
Had a few electrical issue caused by powercoating, so sorted the earths out and rejetted the FCR carb with is a bit of black art by itself.
Bike was a nightmare to start so went through a learning curve on FCR carbs. Spent a lot of time working on jetting with Anthony at Haines and in the end we’ve got it running beautifully. Basic jetting specs are – 168 main, 45 pilot and needle 1st from top, the final improvement we discovered was the jet holder had worn oval, fitted a replacement jet holder, which cured the part throttle stumbling (also revs would hang every now and again) and now the bike’s awesome at all throttle positions.
Also be careful of opening throttle when trying to start the bike, as the pumper carb will pump fuel when the fuel is turned on and the throttle is opened. I found the best technique was to turn on the fuel, turn on the choke, open the throttle twice and then the bike would start first time.
I also did the o-ring mod to the pumper linkage, which is basically taking the slack out of the linkage, there seem to be loads of info about this but the best and most straightforword that I found was on YouTube –
Basically take out the freeplay and add the o-ring. If you remove the subframe and airbox you can see it all happening which then make a lot more sense.
As I’m looking to move decided to sell of most of my bikes. So the Gas Gas is up for sale at Haines –