CB500X YSS Fork Kit

The YSS kit that I bought from Brook Suspension is very easy to fit. I have the factory centre stand kit which makes life easier, so I put the bike on the centre stand and lifted the front end using a ratchet strap from a beam in the garage.

Once supported remove the right fork leg after disconnecting the brake caliper, undo the fork cap (remove an per load first) the springs are so weak it will have very little resistance, pour out the fork oil, spring and spacer then drop in the emulator and spring, add new fork oil and refit.

I used a suitable long bolt to support the front wheel when removing the left fork leg as you have to remove the wheel spacer.

all in all took about 40mins and the difference is amazing, on the old forks I had the reload adjusters bottom and it was still too soft, touching the brake would havwe the front end diving. Now with zero preload its great.

The kit is good value and has good instructions.

I didn’t have a large enough allen key to undo the front wheel spindle, but found one of my flywheel removers was the right size when used with a suitable spanner.