Wiring Loom 6

Finished the loom, went to start the bike and got caught out by the elusive hidden resistor. I’d heard about the resistor, but also saw posts saying it wasn’t fitted to all looms, so as I couldn’t findone when stripping the loom carried on building the loom and then couldn’t start the bike.

Decided to check through the old loom and in one group of cables that I didn’t unwrap as they were all black was a broken 100 ohm resistor. If the ECU doesn’t see that resistance on the 6 pin connector’s black wire (pin 6) then it won’t start.

Unwrapped a section of loom and added a resistor, bike started first push of the starter, didn’t run if for any longer than I needed to test the rev counter which is fed by the white/blue cable from the ECU’s 6 pin connector pin 4 . I also had to add a permanent 12v from the battery for the dash, so again unwrapped the loom and fitted the wire and rewrapped the loom, AGAIN!

Once all the circuits were tested, I depinned connectors so that I could make the cable runs as short as possible to tidy the loom up.

I bought some 3M cable clips to hold wires in place under the rear mudguard.

The final thing I did was trim the top of the airbox off using a Dremel, so that cables could run between it and the subframe, there’s a natural line on the moulding to trim along where the top sticks up about 6mm.