RG – Frame Strip

The RG was in way worse condition than I expected. Bodywork had been broken in transit from, I guess, ratchet straps and it had clearly been sitting outside for some time judging by the bits of plant growing through the frame.

So the only option was to completely dismantle it and begin to build it back up again. Lots of photos in the first gallery for reference when reassembling.

This won’t be a original nut and bolt resto, as I think that’s bullshit. I grew up with two-strokes and even then they were all modified, I can’t get my head round people doing total restorations back to as it left the factory.

Old bikes, and cars, are only good in that moment in time. Nearly forty years later they’re not, don’t get me wrong I love two-strokes and have had many from crazily tuned RD250s to a KX500 converted for enduro use, but compared to a modern bike the brakes, suspension, lighting, performance are all crap, so why rebuild it the same and then ask 10k for it. Utter piss take!

So I’ll be modding as I go and if you don’t like it I don’t care. I’m thinking ultralight mini race bike theme.