Shock Bearing

The shock bearing isn’t something you can pick up from a bearing shop, as its 25 x 15 x 12mm.

You can buy a KTM 65 sx or 640 LC4 bearing- K50180005 or search BUSHING KGW 1525 HD its fitted to many KTM models, currrently around £26 each , All Balls Racing kit – 29-5059 £22 each. However the KTM and All Balls seals are different to the CCM ones, the bearing bushes have the right bore (12mm) but are shorter, sigh! or eBay seller – bialko108 is selling a kit for £12.

I bought a KTM 65SX All Balls kit, as a starting point, and am waiting for the eBay kit. I didn’t realise the shock bushes in the 65SX kit are 10mm bore, so always go for the 250exc kit if you need bushes, I’ll work out what extra spacing is required once the eBay kit arrives.

If your bushes are fine then go for the cheapest option and maintain your shock, if the bearings seize there’s a good chance leverage will snap the shock end off!!

Well disappointingly the bearing from eBay never arrived, so as a temp fix I fitted the 65sx one and drilled out the bushes.