RG – Rolling Chassis

With everything stripped I started blasting and painting the rolling chassis parts. Everything that was anodised or paint aluminium is being repainted silver, as much of it had surface corrosion and everything else satin black.

I sent the forks for rechroming and straingtening at Brook Suspension and have started rebuilding them with new seals and bushes from K-Tech suspension. I even dismantled the anti-dive modules as I wanted to see how they worked, historically everyone has said they’re shit and often blank them off. I’m putting them back so replaced all the old o-rings and I’d say from looking inside they’re a part that should be maintained as mine were seized due to the seals perishing.

I made a tool to hold the damper rod whilst tighening the bottom bolt put of a couple of nuts and a bolt. Had a grind a taper on the bottom nut for it to fit inside the damper rod.

New taper roller bearings have been fitted using the old bearing race as a drift to tap them in place.

Its also a good idea to have an o-ring set when doing any rebuilds.