KTM – Fuel Pump Service

Fuel Pump’s filters state were an unknown, so I removed it from the tank to do a service on it using KTM’s pump overhaul kit – 61007090200.

The service is straight forward, remove pump from the tank (4 bolts) then dismantle by – gently – levering the two metal clamps outwards then wiggle the top plastic part upwards till it separates then undo the small screw for the wiring followed by two screws holding the metal clamps. The metal inlet on the plastic part does not need to be removed.

The kit has all new filters and o-rings, jsut swap them out one at a time. My pump had some dirt in it plus the filters definitely needed changing, the filter attached to the pump is a very tight fit so take care when fitting. Refitted with some new stainless bolts and a throughout clean of the tank with ACF50.