Engine Assembly – Engine Mounts

I didn’t like the look of the engine mounting brackets, so blasted them all off then purchased stainless bolts, including my most expensive stainless bolt ever.

Fitting the engine is a nightmare as its such a tight fit, I used pipe insultaion to protect the frame paint, its also very difficult to get the engine into the rear cradle, so I removed the swinging arm and once the engine was in the frame attached the cradle then the swinging arm.

Make sure you fit the bottom cradle bolt first otherwise you won’t get it in and it fits from the left side, only, once the foot peg is removed.

Engine Mount Bolt Sizes

Front mount2 – M8 x 70mm, 1 – M10 x 100mm
Bottom mount1 – M10 x 235mm (I could only find a 250mm so cut it down)
Top mount2 – M8 x 60mm
Rear cradleTop – M10 x 150mm, bottom – M10 x 140mm