Engine Assembly – At Last!

Finally started the engine rebuild, the clean newly painted crankcases had all the ncessary new bearings fitted (remembering to remove seals where necessary) , gearbox installed, crank installed. I just followed the workshop manual plus all new stainless bolts.

All the gearbox selector springs and small pins were replaced. To deal with the neutral light switch bolt issues, I used some small aluminium spacers and schnorr washers (google it!) plus loctite.

I’d also bought a new cylinder and piston, at this stage I realised the silver paint on the cylinder didn’t match the silver I’d painted the crankcases. I prepped the cylinder and repainted in the contrasting cast iron colour I’m using on other parts. I think I gives the engine some dimension rather than it all being silver, which I’m pretty sure is done only to keep costs down.

I bought a set of stainless engine bolts only to find it didn’t include the ones that hold the crankcases together, so I bought those from eBay. Simple diagram showing sizes in gallery.

You have to temporarily fit the rotor to assist with tightening the nut on the primary gear. Doing that on the bench is very difficult as it requires 100Nm and is left hand thread, enjoy!