Chain Guides and Shock Guard

Started sorting the chain guides and ran into a few issues. The guides supplied by CCM are for 520 chains and as 644 models use a 525 you need to open up the front guide to make it fit properly, or just let the chain cut its own path, I went for the former using a dremel and sanding drum.

I replaced the lower chain tensioner’s plastic guide with a nylon one from Haines and the lower rear guide still thinking about its purpose, as not sure it adds any value. I fitted the new nylon part by heating it in a cup of boiling water then attached a nut and bolt to one end and gently bent it to shape, will change the nuts for nylock ones.

Once the guides were in place I rivetted the chain together and discovered another issue, the chain hits the tyre. After speaking with Anthony at Haines I adjusted the rim by offsetting it slightly to the right by attaching my dial indicator to the swingarm and loosening and tighting opposite spokes until I had clearance.

Fitted a new rubber shock guard, requires 4mm x 10mm rivets, I added some 4mm washers to the back to ensure the rivet clamped on to the holders. typically ran out of rivets, sigh!