Wiring Loom 5

Progress has been slow due to lock-down brain, just not been able to focus on anything. Loom is nearly complete, just need to finish splitting cables e.g. where one black suddenly needs 6 offshoots. Then I’ll hook up the battery and test circuits, there’s a bit of trial and error, as I’ve got different switches, lights and speedo but nothing major.

Found a new supplier for connectors – http://www.auto-click.co.uk/ and the part numbers for the ECU connectors are –

8-way – Furukawa FW-C-8F-B
6-way – Furukawa FW-C-6F-B
4-way – Furukawa FW-C-4F-B

3-way – Sumitomo 90980-10845

The only connectors I’ve been unable to source are the ones for the side stand solenoid and starter solenoid, so reusing the old ones with new connectors.

I also try to alternate connectors so that refitting items is easier, so female connector on top for one and bottom for another.

Loom will be wrapped in vinyl loom tape (takes some practice to get a smooth finish, but has no adhesive so will make any future repairs much easier) with heat shrink ends and branches will be covered in braided shealth and heat shrink.

Bought another speedo bracket, so that I can weld a mount for the speedo and ignition switch onto it.

Soz no photos this time, just CBA.

Oh yeah, also bought a 2010 Gas Gas EC250F to play with. More on that in its own blog, but only once the CCM is finished.