Wiring Loom 4

Again lots of waiting for parts to arrive. KTM indicator crimp connectors finally got here and are a nightmare to fit, even though I have the correct crimping pliers for them, also discoverd they’re designed for smaller gauge wire so had to order 0.5mm2 wire and redo the indicator loom.

Just for completeness I’m doing most the the loom in 1mm2 wire with the large neutral backbone and generator wiring in 2mm2 all thin wall cable plus new battery connections in 10mm2

Also discovered the light switch is toast, I thought I’d replace the outer sheath and had to open the switch to remove it, only find terrible connections inside, cut and soldered wires and you can’t dismantle the switch to fix it. So bought a KTM EXC lighting switch with the additional indicator switch. If I was doing this again, I’d buy a KTM or Husky indicator set that popup on eBay regularly when people sell them after selling the bike, unusally never used. I bought a kit anyway for the next project and it contains the lighting and indicator switch, 4 indicators, 2 mirrors, rear light and mount plus the entire wiring loom to fit it.

The new Daytona deva 01 speedo has arrived and looks like I’ll need to fab a new mount, I bent one of the brackets in the kit and it would fit easily but I want to have just one mount for the speedo, ignition switch and indicators, so I’ll make a template in cardboard then get cutting and filing. Only other issue with the daytona is the cabling is very long, so may have to trim and recrimp the cables, also why don’t manufacturers stagger the connections so they’re not all in the same place leaving you trying to find somewhere to hide the bird’s nest.

Bought U crimps to sort the junctions where wires split from one into multiple wires but can’t find any crimp pliers that they actually work with, at the mo they crimp on one side and crush the other. I found a reference to some pliers that supposedly work but they’re in the states and very expensive. So as there are only a few junctions I came up with my own solution and use a suitably sized uninsulated crimp with the end cut off and they work perfectly, just need to ensure you file the sharp edges down after cutting the end off. You carefully trim a piece of insulation off the cable you’re connection too using a sharp blade and then crimp the next cable to it.

On that topic I’d recommend anyone doing electrical work to invest in good quality pliers, I’ve tried many types and found knipex ones to be excellent, they’re not cheap – but buy quality – buy once.Also ensure you have a pair of precision cutters as it will ensure you cut cables squarely and allow you to trim cables after fitting crimps if the copper is slightly too long in the crimp Plus they cut cable ties properly and don’t leave that edge that cuts you even time you get too close.

Made several parts of the loom such as the headlight loom and relay loom.