Wiring Loom 3 – Fuse Box

It was all going so well, then I though what am I going to do about the fuse box? I removed one of the connectors to find its a pretty specific type. Ok surely you can buy a replacement fuse box?

NOPE – after some extensive googling (although I have now changed to duckduckgo) I found that the fuse box is used on many older suzukis – Good news, bad news is only as part of the whole loom, sigh! £565.92 for a XF650 loom wtf.

I did find a company in the US who have the fuse box available for just $10, but haven’t heard from them yet if they’ll ship to the UK.

Checking ebay I found one off a RF600 that had been cut off the loom and looked correct, it arrived today and is spot on. Issue number 2 the fuse box connectors, I was giving the ones from the ebay fuse box a clean to see if they could be reused and noticed TM2 stamped on the back.

Search time again – TM2 crimp connector – came up with Sumitomo, Female, Contact TM2 model – FA69-82404142-T, result!

Also the two diodes in the indicator circuit have also been identified as 1N4004.

Only other connector I’m having issues sourcing is the starter reply connector, can’t find one anywhere, so will probably reuse the original with new contacts.

So now just waiting for parts to arrive, then I can get the loom finished.