Wiring Loom 2

Loom is under way, but taking a long time. Stock loom seems poorly designed, so I’m making quite a few changes – shortening cables, relocating connectors, poor junctions of multiple wires and I’m removing the factory round and square CCM connectors and using standard format ones.

I’ve been splitting out each group of functions so that I can see where the wires go and how I can improve things.

Couple of interesting things discovered, there are several neutral junctions where multiple neutrals connect. On unwrapping the loom several fell off making me think this was junk from the factory, the whole neutral layout will be redesigned to more of a neutral bus with one main large wire connected from the battery to all the smaller ones.

Located the two diodes that are in the indicator circuit, I’ll will be replacing them with two new diodes.

Found stacks of corroded connections, rubbed through wires, which was the main reason for me making my own loom. Some of the gallery photos are out of focus, was losing the will to live at that stage.

I had some KTM EXC indicators knocking around the man shed, so have rewired them to the correct colours for the loom and drilled the rear mudguard to mount them. Also found some rubber grommets that I’ve used to pass the indicator cables through the black plastic ‘tat’ that the ecu is bolted to. More on the plastic ‘tat’ on another day, as I’m going to make a replacment that actually fits properly.

Managed to identify the correct KTM indicator connectors, so will be fitting those as soon as the female crimps are, which are on back order. Was amazed at what places are charging for these, bought them through RS Components for much less, I’ll add part numbers to the parts list.