The End and Lessons Learnt!

Moved the bike to Haines Motorcycles to be finally prepped for selling. There’s a few jobs left to finish that I’ll do at Anthony’s, whilst there we agreed that the bike could do with something to support the rear mudguard as I’d removed the hideous stock CCM carrier. After a quick check in the parts room Anthony came up with a 404 mudguard support which as has the added benefit of a grab handle.

Drilled a couple of holes in the rear mudguard and bolted it on.

Am I sad to see it go? Not sure I thought it was a quick gearbox fix but as you’ll see from all the posts everything required doing and two years have passed.

A big thank to Anthony at Haines Motorcycles for all his help.

Lessons Learnt

You can find most parts with a bit of effort or just look through my posts. The main bits that let the bike down are the parts actually made by CCM as the quality is from my experience of this bike was questionable, there seemed to be a that will do attitude, but its nothing that a bit of work won’t overcome.

Sandblasting cabinet is a major asset if you’re doing a full rebuild, I used glass bead which gives a great key for painting or a satin finish for bare aluminium.

Any bits you can swap for KTM parts is a win such as lighting switch, the front brake hose guide and footpeg pins.

Suspension is all White Power so highly adjustable with parts easily available.

Plastics are easy to obtain and cheap plus Haines have stacks of different colour fuel tanks if you fancy a change.

Brakes are Brembo just don’t buy bike caliper pistons, as I found the same piston but for a car is vastly cheaper.

Wiring can be a nightmare if the previous owner butchered it and be aware of the hidden resistor which can cause starting issues. I found every connector except the starter solenoid, which you can reuse if its undamaged.

If I had the space I probably would have kept it and done a 720 big bore, matched ported head and kent cam for some extra power. But the next project awaits and its a beast – KTM 990 Adventure S.