Its getting better – slowly

Still don’t have anywhere to live, but have bought another bike to add to the project list.

I bought the Fantic XEF250 Trail demonstrator from Haines Motorcycles.

Already started working with Anthony at Haines to make things better. The standard shock spring is way too hard for your average rider and is overpowering the shock’s damping. I’ve found a spring that we’ve tested and am getting a second one produced that will be soon available through the shop.

Stock spring
plus rider590mm
Total sag85mm
Haines spring
plus rider543mm
Total sag122mm (+37mm or 43%)

The difference from just sitting on the bike is night and day you can actually feel the suspension working rather than just rebounding. Sag settings are a little on the large side, but that was with minimum preload on the spring so can be adjusted further to suit.

We’ll get some videos posted soon as possible.