Gearbox Rebuild

Started rebuilding the gearbox with new 3rd and 5th gearsets. I’m doing those because 3rd is the normal weak point and my gears were outside tolerance and on the original engine 5th let go destroying it, prior to my ownership I should say, 5th was also outside tolerance.

Driveshaft rebuild is pretty straight forward, I’m also replacing all bushes, washers and circlips. The only thing to be aware of is there are two washers that fit together with offset splines, so they act as a basically circlip but thicker to take up slack.

To fit these you must push the circlip on the other side of 3rd gear further down the shaft so that you can locate the two interlocking washers first then slide the gear back and fit the circlip into its groove.

You also need to be aware of this for disassembly, otherwise there’s no way you’ll get it apart. Shown in the first gallery picture, 1 and 2 interlock and 3 needs moving in the direction of the arrow, past its locating groove then brought back.

Countershaft has caused a stopping point at the mo due to 2nd gear being pressed on. My gear puller wasn’t up to the job. So will call in another favour and borrow one.