CCM 644 DS

Needed a project to keep me sane. Just didn’t realise that it was going to be a complete rebuild.

So what is a CCM 644 DS, well basically its a bitza. CCM built the frame and swinging arm then used parts from several different manufacturers, Brembo brakes, WP suspension, Suzuki XF650 engine, plastics from Yamaha and Honda. You could think of it as an uprated DR650. The DS part stands for dual sport, so many came with offroad and supermoto wheels.

Note: My bike is in supermoto trim, so some parts may vary.

Info on CCMs is a bit hit and miss, so I’m documenting everything I use for future reference. You don’t have to use these parts, but it will give you a starting point. When searching for chassis parts I generally start looking at early 2000 ktm 250 exc stuff.

Part Item Identified
forks seal kitAll-Balls Racing – 56 – 126
fork bushes kitAll-Balls Racing – 38 – 6053
taper roller headstock bearingsAll-Balls Racing – 22 – 1026
rear master cylinder seal kitAll-Balls Racing – 18 – 1079
rear caliper seal kitAll-Balls Racing – 18 – 3050
front caliper seal kitAll-Balls Racing – 18 – 3047
brembo front padscarbon ceramic 07BB04.CC
brembo rear padscarbon ceramic 07BB02.CC
rear wheel spoke nipples8 gauge / 7.6mm barrel
Side Panelsufo YZ 125 / 250 (96-01) – remove air scoops
Fork Protectorsufo all CR / CRF
rear mudguard/fenderufo YZ 125 / 250 (98-02) – cut required
led rear lightpolisport RSP LED 3.0
front forksWP 4357 MXMA – google for service manual
front wheel bearings2 – 60042RS
rear wheel bearings2 – 60042RS + 1 62042RS
swinging armmy choice –
2 – HK2016.2RS-MB bearings each side plus 1 SD20X26X4A-INA seal, time will tell if this works, but its better than stock
caliper bleed nipplesM10 x 1mm
Fork cap o-ring*46810016 – 48 x 2mm
Fork slider snap ring*43570099 – 53 x 2mm
* additonal parts to complete fork rebuild on top of All-Balls Racing kits

Issues so far –

Completely stripped the bike as it was a mess.

  • Plastics old and in need of replacement
  • All bearings shot
  • gearbox jumping out of gear
  • shock leaking
  • rear master cylinder leaking
  • rear wheel nipples seized and rusty
  • side stand loose
  • wiring – wires shorted, poor soldering, loom unwrapping
  • engine oil leaks
  • chain and sprockets shot
  • rear wheel sprocket bolt holes filled with filler and oval
  • seized engine bolts
  • headstock bearings shot

I’m currently getting the rolling chassis completed, as I have a small man-shed and there are currently parts everywhere.

So far –

  • frame and subframe have been cleaned, blasted and resprayed satin black
  • welded up the side stand hole and redrilled it, blasted then painted satin black
  • swinging arm cleaned, blasted and new bearings fitted
    • stock is single bearing and o-rings which is crap, I fitted 2 sealed bearings each side plus an extra seal on the exposed side
  • rear wheel – rebuilt with new hub, spoke nipples, seals and bearings
    • gallery below shows using a blow torch, gentle heat, and internal bearing puller, makes removing bearings a pice of cake
  • airbox stripped and cleaned – issues with captive nuts
  • rear caliper rebuilt plus new piston – I use an airline on low pressure to pop pistons out
    • ktm 28mm piston was very expensive at £40, and my local dealer was out of stock, did some measurements and bought a brembo car caliper piston for £9, same part,  wtf?
  • new brembo ceramic rear pads
  • rear master cylinder rebuilt
  • new rear brake line fitted
  • new rear mudguard fitted
  • new rear light fitted
  • new side panels fitted
  • front forks rebuilt – new bushes and seals – picture shows using long socket and ratchet to hold the fork leg when doing the bottom bolt up
  • fork yokes cleaned
  • headstock bearings replaced
  • new lockstop plate
  • new renthal fat bars
  • new throttle
  • new renthal grips
  • front wheel cleaned – new bearings and seals
  • front brake caliper rebuilt
  • stainless bleed nipples fitted to front and rear calipers
  • new stock dash bought and fitted
    • bargain deal, but kmh speedo, sourcing 50mm alternative
  • Polisport MMX headlight and spacing brackets fitted